Camotes Islands – “The Lost Horizon in the South”

Camotes Islands

Exploring the Philippines won’t be complete if you fail to visit Camotes Islands located in the east of Cebu.
Camotes is composed of 4 group islands namely;

Pacijan (with San Francisco as the main municipality),
Poro (with Poro and Tudela as the main municipalities),
Ponson (with Pilar as the main municipality) and Tulang part of barangay Esperanza.

Getting there:

From Cebu City ride a multicab that will take you to Danao City. From there you can take a two-hour ride in a roll-on roll-off boat, aircon fare is 200.00 and the standard non-aircon one is only 180.00. Once you get to Consuelo Port in Camotes, a lot of motorcycles locally known as “habal-habal” are available to take you to your destination in the island. The standard fare is only 50.00. Multicabs are also available.

Where to stay:

Since the island is a booming tourist attraction, several hotels and resorts are available for you to choose from. You can stay at Bella Vista Mare Resort, Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, Mangodlong Rock Resort, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort or Borromeo Beach Resort.

Photo Gallery of Camotes Island

What to do in the Island:

Camotes island is indeed blessed with nature at its best!

You can go snorkeling, diving, swimming and enjoy the caves and white sand beaches.

You can hire a local to take you to a motorcycle ride to the lovely spots in town for 500.00.

Here are some of those lovely spots you can enjoy:

Lake Danao Park

Great for lovers, friends and family bonding. It is a 700-hectare lake park located in San Francisco. You can go birdwatching, fishing or take a “sakanaw” ride (lake boat with capacity of 20 persons) to explore the magnificent beauty of the lake.

Buho Rock

Great for swimming and snorkeling. Cottages for day picnics are also available. It is located in the town of Poro.

Borromeo Beach Resort

White sand beach resort located in Bakhaw, Esperanza San Francisco.

Santiago San Francisco Resort

Oceanfront resort with amazingly fine white sand.

Timubo Cave

Freshwater cave in Brgy. Sonog San Francisco Camotes. Entrance fee is 15.00. Getting inside the cave to enjoy it is a lot easier because of the concrete stairs and lighting installed inside. Careful with the sharp rock formations, though! And once you get there, you can enjoy swimming its crystal clear and cold water- oh-lala!

Important reminders:

  • Bring enough cash ATM’s are not readily available and reliable in the town.
  • Cellphone signal in the town is very weak to the point of no signal at all in some areas specially in Santiago and San Francisco.


One thought on “Camotes Islands – “The Lost Horizon in the South”

  1. In addition to the spots mentioned, Bukilat Cave located in the town of Tudela, is a must visit place. I t is much bigger compared to Timubo cave, with holes which provides natural lighting. It is best to go there on a sunny day, preferably between 11am to 1pm when the sunlight thru the holes looks so awesome! :-)CAUTION: When you are in the island, be very, very careful not to eat just anywhere, or you might get an angry stomach or even worse than that. It’s better to bring packed lunch.

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